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Growing Nigeria’s Tourism Industry.

Nigerian Tourism Development Authority

The Nigerian Tourism Development Authority started out as Nigerian Tourist Association in 1962 before it was changed to NTDC in 1992 as a Federal Government Corporation under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and National Orientation.

The Corporation is responsible for the planning, supervision, development and marketing of tourism in Nigeria. Tourism is a central pillar of economic growth and diversification in any country and the major functions of NTDC among other things include: to encourage people living in Nigeria to take their holiday therein and people from abroad to visit Nigeria and also to encourage the provision and improvement of tourism amenities and facilities in Nigeria.

National Travel Bureau

The National Travel Bureau (NTB), established by decree 81 of 1992, is a tour operating company responsible for tour services and operations within and outside Nigeria.

The Bureau acts as the commercial arm of NTDC, conducting guided tours/excursions, Bus Rental Services, Travel Consultancy and Tour Guide Services. The vision for the establishment of a National Travel Bureau was that of the Nigerian Tourist Association. It was done at that time to ensure that guided tours, sightseeing and package holidays are in place. The NTB is to strengthen private tour companies which are unable to purchase tourist bases.